Meet the owners

Loni & Adam fell in love portraying Rapunzel & her Prince in a Napa Character Christmas Parade.  In 2014, while living in Los Angeles, they went to a theme park every week bounding as different character's, and the park fans went crazy for these two crazy lovebirds. Following their hearts they created "My Once Upon a Time." 

They both share great love of theatre, theme parks and cosplay  so together they decided to bring the entire character fun experience from LA  to all of their loved ones back in the Bay Area. "Both of us will always be young at heart and love to make people smile, especially the little ones." - Loni

Adam & Loni both are current work as special need teachers, so they have much experience working with children of all ages & backgrounds.


Please note: My Once Upon a Time characters are not the copywrited licensed or trademarked ones you may know or be familiar with but they are merely representations of characters from classic fairy tales. We have no affilation with any company or group that may own the rights to similar characters or stories and apologize for any incovenience this may cause you.

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