Meet our Magical Cast Members!

Hi, I'm Loni 

I've enjoyed dressing up as charaters ever since I was a little girl. My heads always been in the clouds and I've surrounded myself in the world of art, imagination and fantasy. I had been working behind the scenes as a makeup artist for the past 15 years, having not one clue that I would one day be acting as princess, fairy and superhero. I started my acting career working for a princess party company in 2013 and have put my heart into it ever since. I also currently work as a special needs assistant teacher in Benicia.

I studied early childhood education and dance while earning my bachelor's degree and currently work as a ballet instructor. I love dance as a form of personal expression and joy. Fairytale movies have been an important part of my life, teaching me grace, kindness, and the power of staying true to yourself! Portraying charcters is such a rewarding and magical experience! 

Hi, I'm Sarah

Hi, I'm Adam

I have been acting over 17 years in film and theater, and have played many characters  such as Batman, the Riddler, & the Joker at a themepark. I also have been teaching for many years as a subsitute & kids theatre camp teacher and currently work as a special needs teacher at Clayton Valley Charter School. 

Hi, I'm Emily

Theatre is a huge part of my life and I will soon have a bachelors in Theatre Arts. Character work has always been my favorite part of acting, and portraying popular princesses is a dream come true. I love spending time with children and seeing the looks on their faces when their favorite character walks through the door. 










Hi, I'm Ali

I started working in musical theatre when I was fifteen and have been passionate about acting ever since. I spent many years as a teacher and love bringing smiles to children’s faces. Fairytales  have always held a special place in my heart and I was particularly inspired by Princess Jasmine - it is truly a dream come true to portray her. Working with My Once Upon a Time has given me the unique opportunity to bring my love of children and theatre together. I am so excited to spend time with my closest friends while bringing joy and happiness to children all over the Bay Area!

Hi, I'm Dani

Dani Hebron is so excited to be the Polynesian Princess for My Once Upon a Time. She’s an actress/dancer last seen in The Little Mermaid and Jesus Christ Superstar. She danced in last season's Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and was a taught at Danc-Sing Stars Studio at age 15. Dani has been dancing for over 14 years, in all genres of dance and did a year and a half ice skating, synchronized and solo. She found a love for theatre at the age of 9 and has been in 20+ shows since. She is wonderful with kids and is greatful to be a part of making their dreams come true.

Hi, I'm Ellie

Hi, I'm Dee

Since 2009, costuming and cosplay have become a huge part of my life. I pour my imagination and creativity into everything that I do. Being a highly creative person, I’ve devoted my life to creating art in various forms to bring joy to others.  Seeing all the faces light up and the connection these characters bring has created some of my favorite memories. I am honored to be able to work with My Once Upon a Time to create even more fantastic moments.

Hi, I'm David 

I am a father to my son Zach, and also am a caretaker to my  grandmother.  I have been acting all my life, and recenlty for Missouri Street Theatre which I throughly enjoy. I've played roles such as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, and am currently playing the role of Leaf in Spelling Bee. I also have plenty of experience writing as well as improv acting. Its been fantastic working with my friends as a part time prince at My Once Upon a Time.

Hi, I'm Devin

 Devin Wieser  is a recent graduate of Portland State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies. After graduating, she spread her wings and flew to New York City where she landed a role in an NYU Tisch  graduate school show. She was honored to move back to California and play the role of Janet in The Rocky Horror Show (X2) and continued on with MST as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Soul Sister/Ensemble in Jesus Christ Superstar, Ariel in The Little Mermaid (Her dream role), and Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof. Devin was also one of MSYT's Holiday Spectacular Directors during Winter Camp 2016. Devin is amazing with kids, and loves being a Princess. 

Hi, I'm Noelia

I have enjoyed making children smile in my community since I was as kid, and in my experience working with children I've had nursery care, child development observation through SRJC, and lots of experience taking care of my younger sister Ashley. I have a lot of experience working with MST theatre in the artistry department the past couple of year and my heart for entertainment has only grown since working with My Once Upon a Time. 

Hi, I'm Ellie

I started costuming,  theatre & cosplay as hobbies  in 2008 because I always loved to play dress up when I was younger. I love working with kids and have much experience as camp aid working with a variety of different ages for the past couple of summers, also I am currently working as a club leader at Bueno Vista Elementry. I  feel greatful that being a part of My Once Upon a Time I am able to create so many happy memories for others it  has truly been a dream come true for me.

Hi, I'm Jonathan

Improv and character acting means the world to me, there is nothing I would rather be doing then making people happy. In my spare time I volunteer my talents for my church, theatere, & cosplay. Working with My Once Upon a Time has truely been a dream come true.

Hi, I'm Emma

Emma's passions are theatre, nanning and costuming so  working for a theatricl character company was the perfect fit for her talents, included with her bubbly childlike personality and amaizing artistic skills she is a joy to have as a part of our little famliy.

Hi, I'm Dorian

Costuming is my passion, I've been cosplaying for 5 years now and everytime I dress up as a character I love the reaction I get from kids especially, its always such a good feeling to see their faces light up everytime they see there favorite superhero or fairytale character. I really enjoy working for My Once Upon a Time, and super excited to be a part of this team. 

Hi, I'm Karin

Bio coming soon!

I'm thrilled to join My Once Upon A Time & to be bringing a fantastical and fun-filled experience for children & children at heart! I am a professional actor living in San Francisco and an Alumni of the Pacific Conservatory of The Performing Arts (PCPA), Class of 2016. I've worked as a touring actor for California Theatre Center & theatre educator for their Summer Youth Conservatory. Some favorite roles with CTC were the tough combat princess 'Christina' in Princess and The Pea & 'Holly The Elf' in Elves and The Shoemaker. 
I have a passion in both film and live theatre & I've mainly spent my time working as a stage actor, my favorite past roles being ‘Molly Aster’ in Peter and The Starcatcher with Tabard Theatre Co. & 'Hero' in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing with PCPA. I am also signed with RAE Agency in SF and a member of their Advanced Dance Division.

Hi, I'm Ari

Hi, I'm Kyra

Bio coming soon!

I've been dreaming of portraying fairytale characters I admire since childhood. Making costumes since 2011 it was an excellent creative outlet for all my favorite hobbies, (sewing, painting, crafting, sculpting and modeling.) But my favorite part is getting to share the wonder and joy that with meeting your fictional hero in real life. I am so thrilled to be working with My Once Upon a Time to make every special event a little more magical. 

Hi I'm Lovisa

Hi, I'm Collin

 I started doing musical theatre when I was six years old. I love to dance and sing especially when it comes to fairytales. Some of my fondest memories take place in Disneyland meeting the characters and seeing my dreams come true! I am thrilled that I get to contribute to the magic. One of my many goals is to work do this type pf thing every day! I can't imagine doing anything in my future that doesn't involve acting, dancing,and singing.

Bio coming soon!

Hi, I'm Hannah

Hi, I'm Alicia

I started acting & costuming 3 years ago when I took my first theater class at school and have been hooked since! I've always been a kid at heart and I love making people happy. When I was a kid I loved meeting the princesses, I still have my autograph book from a trip to a popular amusement park. By working with My Once Upon a Time I hope to spread as much happiness as possible.

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