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Meet our Magical Cast Members!

Hi, I'm Loni  M.


I've enjoyed dressing up as characters ever since I was a little girl. My heads always been in the clouds and I've surrounded myself in the world of art, imagination and fantasy. I had been working behind the scenes as a makeup artist for the past 25+ years, having not one clue that I would one day be living my dream portraying a variety of cartoon characters. I started my acting career working for a princess party company in 2013 and have put my heart into it ever since. I also have worked as a special needs assistant teacher for Benicia Unified School District, & I am the creator of Magical Health Coach.

Hi, I'm Adam S.

Hi! I’m Adam. Ever since I was younger, I enjoyed acting. I graduated from an actor’s training program to refine my craft. I have been in countless musicals and plays, most often landing leading roles. I have a great deal of experience with film acting as well. One of my strong suits is improvisational acting, and I’ve been in an improvisational acting troupe since 2009. As a current  substitute teacher of Fairfield-Suisun Unified & past Special Needs educator, I have worked with kids of all ages. I am always thrilled to bring smiles to peoples’ faces, whenever I perform.

Hi, I'm Courtney B

Hello, I'm Courtney! I am a recent graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Forensic Chemistry. When I am not in the lab, I love to perform and dance with various independent color guard groups around California including In Motion Performance Ensemble and Imbue. It combines the art of acting, dancing and musicality that I love to put into my performance as a princess or superhero. When I was younger my mother also ran a daycare where I helped her care for children between the ages of 1 and 10. It has been rewarding to work with My Once Upon a Time because it combines skills that I have learned in my childhood and skills that I continue to learn every day as a performer.

Hi, I'm August W


Working as a party character has been a dream job of mine since I was young. I love performing and providing a fun experience for both the kids and adults. I was involved in my high school theater program and I was previously in college working towards a degree in musical theater. I plan to go back within the next year. Some of my favorite roles have been being a swing for Into The Woods and Arlie from Getting Out.

Hi, I'm Teslay M


Teslay started her career as a mascot character, where she discovered that she had a knack for making children and adults alike smile! She was prompted to join My Once Upon  a Time by a fellow cast member who worked with her as a mascot and she is very grateful for the opportunity to live out her princess fantasy! Teslay is currently training as an EMT and plans to go into paramedics; she hopes to always keep a sprinkle of pixie dust in her pocket and a smile on her face! 

Hi, I'm Ellie G

I started costuming,  theatre & cosplay as hobbies  in 2008 because I always loved to play dress up when I was younger. I love working with kids and have much experience as camp aid working with a variety of different ages for the past couple of summers, also I am currently working as a club leader at Bueno Vista Elementary. I  feel grateful that being a part of My Once Upon a Time I am able to create so many happy memories for others it  has truly been a dream come true for me.

Hi, I'm Emma W

I’m currently a student at University, majoring in Communications and Media Studies and minoring in Graphic Design.

I have been working in child care off and on for the past seven years, caring for children between the ages of three to twelve. I use what I’ve learned from my past work experience and apply it to each event I attend. At each event, I strive to create a fun and engaging experience for all attendees, young and old.

It wasn’t until my senior year of highschool that I embraced my flare for the dramatic, and began performing in theater. In college, I continued this passion, both performing in several plays and taking various acting classes. I’m an experienced singer, a well versed actor and an ameateur acrobat.  

I love being a part of My Once Upon A Time because it brings so many of my passions together. Working as a cast member has been the accumulation of so many of the things that I enjoy in life, whether it be acting, or bringing joy to a child’s day.

Hi I'm Lovisa L


I've been dreaming of portraying fairytale characters I admire since childhood. Making costumes since 2011 it was an excellent creative outlet for all my favorite hobbies, (sewing, painting, crafting, sculpting and modeling.) But my favorite part is getting to share the wonder and joy that with meeting your fictional hero in real life. I am so thrilled to be working with My Once Upon a Time to make every special event a little more magical. 

Hi, I'm Andrew T


Hello there! I’m Andrew, and I’m a cast member with My Once Upon A Time. Ever since childhood I’ve performed onstage in both musicals and plays, both comedic and dramatic. Highlights of my resume include Basil Hallward in ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ at Sierra College and Cinderella’s Prince/ The Wolf in ‘Into the Woods’ at the Guild Theater in Sacramento. I am a cosplayer and performer whose goal in life is to express aspects of humanity via various artistic mediums. I am ecstatic and humbled to be of service to this wonderful company, and consider it a high honor to be responsible for creating magic with people of all varieties.

Hi, I'm Ellie R

When I was 10, I used to watch “how to become a Disney Princess” videos under the covers late at night. I’ve always had a great connection with little kids of all neurodiverse spectrums as well as a performing background in musical theater. To say this job is perfect for me is an understatement. Singing is one of my favorite things to do, and nothing’s better than a good Disney song. I’m a highschool student in the Alamo/Danville Area and part of the Starlight Theater Company located in Martinez. If I had to pick a princess to best represent me I would choose Belle. She’s intelligent, courageous, soft spoken, and has a heart of gold. Those are all the qualities I live by and strive to strengthen in these years of young adulthood.

Hi, I'm Aaron S


It all started when I was younger. I was a stand up comic, radio personality and I had a passion for high school drama and improv. I enjoy acting because it allows me to interact with people who enjoy a little bit of a leap from reality. The fantasy of meeting characters from a world beyond our everyday expectations is such an entertaining part of an otherwise boring life. The love we have for the arts is shared by the people we make happy with our talent and us, the ones who love that feeling of seeing the smiles on their faces, affirming the success of making their day. My Once Upon a Time is a fantastic group of people who have that same goal in mind, as well as the same love for the arts and people, artists who enjoy giving that little bit of pixie dust to the world.

Hi, I'm Chris L


I absolutely enjoy acting. I have been part of stage productions and concert bands since I was a child. I also love seeing the bright smiles of all the children as well as people of all ages when we come out and give our best performance every time we go out, not only because it’s what we do, but because we love to do it. I take inspiration from the characters I love and from the portrayals of stage and movie actors, voice actors, and of course the theme park performers that completely embody the characters they play. That is why I love being part of a company that shares the passion of the magic we bring. Our audience makes us, and that is the magic that we feel and bring back to them all.

Hi, I'm Jessica D


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed entertaining people and dressing up as different characters, especially anime. 

I’ve been doing acting since I was thirteen years old and have been working non-stop ever since, mostly doing film. I enjoy getting immersed into a character and love challenging myself with different roles I take, even when I do the uncomfortable. 

Now, I am currently attending a junior college and majoring in ASL-English Interpreting and I’m very good at juggling my work and school schedule around, when need be. 

Since joining My Once Upon a Time, I’ve met some of the coolest cosplayers/cast members I’ve encountered. I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful community of people!

Hi, I'm Charlie W


Hi, I’m Charlie! I’m a college student studying American Sign Language, and I’m working towards my AA in ASL Interpreting/Deaf Culture. I’ve always loved playing dress up, singing, dancing, and acting, and I started to really get into cosplay and costuming when I was fourteen. I worked as a princess when I was a teenager, and it was one of the most rewarding things I ever did! Being able to combine my love of music, theatre, and costuming into working as a princess brings me so much joy, and I’m delighted to be back in business as a part of My Once Upon A Time!

Hi, I'm BJ I


Ever since I was a kid, acting was what I just did. I would perform during recess and do my own version of “Stand-Up” Comedy, and kids would literally form a circle and sit down to watch me entertain them. As I got older I went into Acting in High School, and told several Drama Classes in College. For me, performing is another way for me to utilize my God-given gifts! It’s fun, I enjoy it, and I LOVE putting smiles on other people’s faces and seeing them laugh! This is simply another way to become another character and have fun with it! And let’s face it, we all still have a little bit of kid in us all! That’s why I love My Once Upon A Time and love just being a kid again.

Hi, I'm Rachael T


Hi, my name is Rachael Tang and I have been in the face paint and family entertainment industry since 2017. I am very fortunate to be able to incorporate several interests into my life. In addition to being able to work with kids and feed my creative/artistic side as a professional face painter, I also work at a veterinary hospital with aspirations of being accepted into veterinary school. Fun fact: Prior to completing my B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Zoology, I obtained an Assistant Teacher Certificate with an interest in teaching preschoolers.

Hi, I'm Sophie L


Hi friends! My name is Sophie Limtiaco, and I am currently a high school junior based in the Bay Area. I began to perform when I was only 4 years old and have been doing it to this day. Throughout my time in theater, I have performed as many different roles such as Fairy Godmother (Descendants), Anna (Frozen), and Belle (Beauty and the Beast). Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved Disney movies, in fact my favorite part of going to Disneyland was meeting the Princesses. Now being able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a Princess, while putting smiles on people’s faces, makes me so happy to be a part of this cast and company.

Hi, I'm Emma C


Hi, I’m Emma Chiappe! Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved Disney, and working as a character performer is a dream come true! I am a high schooler based in the East Bay Area and I have been performing in musical theater for 4 years. One of my favorite hobbies is volunteering with my theater company to mentor young children and help them put on a great show. I always strive to leave a positive impact on those I interact with and nothing makes me happier than bringing some magic to a child’s special day!

Hi, I'm Alexander L


Hello my name is Alexander. I have enjoyed creating characters since I was a young lad. It became more evident when I was in middle school, when I started filming movies with my friends. In 2009 I created my first full Batman cosplay. My troupe and I filmed a movie we later posted on youtube. After that I wanted to learn more about cosplaying, acting, and production. It led me to conventions where I met like minded people who showed me there is even more to becoming a character than just the outfit you wear and what is in the movies. I entered a cosplay competition blindly not expecting to win but I won an award. A month later I was approached by My Once Upon a Time cast members during an event I was working at and asked if I would like to work for the company. I am excited to join in the adventures with the company and I am looking forward to the future.


Hi, I'm Karin W

Hi, I'm Katie O


Hi, I’m Karin! I’m a recent college graduate with a BA for Transfer in Theatre Arts and Costuming. I’ve always loved playing dress up, singing, dancing, and acting, and started cosplaying when I was 13. I helped create a beginner princess company when I was a teenager, and I fell in love with character performing! From styling magical hairdos, to sewing ball gowns, to helping make magic at parties and events, I love everything about working with this wonderful company. Seeing the look of wonder on the faces of children both young and young at heart when they see their favorite character is the magic that makes me feel truly fulfilled.

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and love photography and Disney. I started cosplaying in 2017 and fell in love with the community on a whim. Now I am following my childhood dream of becoming a character performer. Some of my favorite parts about cosplay are making children and adults smile or having their dreams come true. If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney

Hi, I'm Stephanie R


Hi friends! My name is Steph and I’m fairytale obsessed! My princessing journey started when I was 13 and my family visited Disneyland and we had breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen. Watching Princess Belle walk around the dining room creating magic for the younger kids, sparked something in me and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I am a theater performer and makeup artist with 12 years of experience. I was also part of a closed princess company with Miss Karin! I’m so excited to be a part of such a compassionate group of humans just as passionate about making magic as I am!

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