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Frequently asked questions:


What are the first steps in booking a magical encounter and / or artistry experience?

We start with a request form, which allows us to consult with you regarding your event, including any special requests, and going over your expectations. From there, our office maidens are able to consult with you regarding your vision, and cast for the perfect character, artist, etc. to bring that vision to life. Once that is done, we are able to finalize details for you and make sure your event is confirmed and ready to go.


What form of payment can I use?
The booking fee (due once the booking agreement, or contract is sent over) can be paid via Venmo, Square invoice, or Business check (Fee will apply to any bounced check). The remaining balance is due the day of the event directly to the performer in cash, or, in rare cases, Venmo. We outline the cost for you in advance, so you're aware of everything. (Note: corporate, community, or partnership events usually fall under different payment guidelines. For more details, please contact our office.)

How far do you travel?

Our talent are located in various locations in Northern California; we service many areas, but a travel fee may be applied depending on the distance our performers must travel. We do give the first 25 miles free, depending on your location, and any additional travel fees are usually just toll fees. 

Do your performers always stay in character?
Yes! Our performers aren't just people in costume; they are the characters they are portraying for your event. If you need to speak with the talent for your event during the visit, just please do so away from the participants, to help keep the magic alive. Our performers discreetly inform you when the visit is almost up, so any final photos / encounters can take place before they leave.

How far in advance can I book?
For smaller, private e
vents, we strongly recommend booking no more than 2-3 months in advance. We recommend 4-6 months for bigger corporate or public events that require more planning or approvals. 

Am I allowed to take photos/videos of your performers?
Absolutely, and we encourage you to email them to us or post them and tag our Instagram @myonceuponatime and/or our Facebook page @myonceuponatimefairytale.

What do I need to do during the appearance?
Most likely, your performer will not need any assistance during the party appearance; however, please remember they are only entertainers, not babysitters. All children should always be supervised by parental units to make sure children are in no way damaging our performer's supplies or costuming.

Do you need me to set anything up?
Please make sure you have a safe area ready for our performer(s) and that all guests are courteous and respectful of the talent's personal space and supplies for the full duration of the performance. For all virtual visits please make sure the guests Zoom names reflex the names of all participating guest(s).

What if I have more than the maximum amount of children at the party?
Any additional guests must be brought to our attention prior to your appearance, so we can recommend adding-on an assistant or second character to help you visit run as smoothly as possible. (Note: for larger groups, one performer may have a harder time keeping everyone engaged, or making sure all the guests receive the same magical experience.)

Can I book a character for less than the time and price listed on your packages?
We try very hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible, but our actors do still have to spend a considerable amount of time on training, wig styling, makeup, rehearsals, and traveling.  Feel free to check out our list of public appearances on our home page which are either low-cost or free! We also have discounts and promotions available, so please feel free to ask. You can also follow us on Instagram for our most recent pricing specials.


Can I customize my own package?
Yes, please select the Diamond Custom Package. Giving us a good idea of your vision will help us curate and tailor the best experience for you.

What if I had other activities in mind than what are listed in the packages?
We offer many fun activities based on character and performer, as we do prefer to keep things in theme with our character(s),  and not all character(s)/performer(s) are able to perform every activity. We will be able to advise you once you let us know what you're looking for. 

What if I want the character to stay longer once they are already at my event?
Ask your talent (Best to have them step away from the guests with you so as not to ruin the magic!), if  they don't have another appearance scheduled afterwards they can choose to extend their stay. The package upgrade add-on rate noted in your booking agreement will apply to your balance. (Note: it is preferred to add-on more time or services prior to your event.)

At what types of events do you offer appearances?

Corporate events, movie theater premieres, holiday parties, weddings, baptisms, baby showers,  graduations, carnivals, anniversaries, parades, charity events, grand openings, birthdays and more!

I want to cancel the party I booked; can I get my booking fee back?
Apologies, but the booking fee is always non-refundable unless the cancellation is on our end - due to inclement weather or sickness. It is very unlikely, but please note that we reserve the right to cancel any appearance due to serious or contagious illness or injury of the performer or the performer's family. In this situation, a full refund of the booking deposit will be offered or applied to another visit. The booking fee allows us to cover our office staff as well as the talent in the case of an event being cancelled and not rescheduled. 


*Please understand that most of your character experience is executed behind the scenes, and note that our packages/quotes include the following: Office assistant, director, backstage helper, trainer, wig stylist, costumer, facility manager and makeup designer.



I don't want to cancel, but what if I need to reschedule?
Please notify us as soon as possible and we will do our best in accommodating your new request (additional fees may apply).

Am I expected to leave gratuity?
Gratuity is always greatly appreciated, but not required. All of our team members bring the magic for each and every visit, and their passion is palpable for this industry, the characters they perform as, and all of the families they work with. We are thankful for anyone who appreciates that, especially if you feel your talent member has gone above and beyond. 

Are your performers & artists professionally trained? 

We have plenty of experience performing for all ages.  Our talent all have different backgrounds in acting, performance arts, teaching, babysitting, caretaking, modeling, cosplay, musical theatre, improv acting as well as many forms of art. We also go through an extensive training process with each person on our team, to best ensure you are getting the right fit for your event, each and every time. 

Do you book non character artistry experiences? 

Yes, please see our Artistry Services page.

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