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What to Expect - Characters

*& Frequently asked questions

What to expect from your event: 
Your event is a special, magical occasion - and we are here to make it that way, each and every time. Below are some important FAQs to help you understand what we do, what options are available, and how we stand out. 


What will the character(s) do at my event?
Our performers are improvisational actors and do not work from a script - this is not a show, it is a special visit from the character(s) you requested. They interact with you and your guests, perform activities, and play games in character.

Characters have a variety of available activities / games / interactions based on the type of package you select. For a full list of potential options, please see “What types of games / activities do you provide?” below. 
Every performer is different, and every character is unique; no two visits will be the same. We do our best to accurately portray these characters. If the character is typically more reserv
ed, then you will receive a different performance than a character who is more bubbly or bouncy. But don’t worry - they all love to have fun!

What can I expect from your performer(s)?
Whimsy! Our actors live to bring joy and amazement to every event. They are the character(s)  they portray from the moment they arrive, up until they depart. 
Because these visits are unscripted, we try not to have a strict itinerary, but instead gauge the reaction of the kids. For example, If we have an outgoing group, there’s usually more play, more bouncing around, and less structure. But if the group is more shy, the visit may be more of a meet and greet style with more organized games. 
We do our best to honor your special requests, but we find it’s best to let the party flow naturally based on the attendees. 

Our Goal: to bring merriment and wonder to your special event. We will do our best to satisfy your needs and bring your vision to life.

Do I need to plan my own activities?
You do not need to plan activities on your end, but we recommend having someone available to organize the space for any games / activities, and to encourage any shy guests to participate.  
*Please note: adult supervision is required at all times. 

What type of games / activities do you provide? 
Activities and games vary based on both the type of package and character(s) you have selected. Not all actors can perform the same activities. However, general activities and/or games may include the following: 

Grand Entrance (All characters) *Special entrance that is best done with theme music.
Meet and Greets (All characters) *Interact and have fun FAQ with the character(s).
Photo Opportunities (All characters) Have guests pose like the character. *Make sure to provide a good clean area with proper lighting and organization for the most magical photos!
Themed Games (All characters) *Favorite kids games such as: the floor is lava, musical chairs, freeze dance, Simon says, hide and go seek, limbo, duck duck goose with a character spin, etc.)

Ribbon Wand Dancing (Princesses/Princes/Fairytale characters/Pirates/Elves) *Dance and have fun, different maneuvers / techniques.

Character Themed Training (All characters) *Will range per character (example: Fairies can teach flying lessons, our Superheroes/Villains/Galactic Warriors can perform things like punches, kicks, stealth mode, running, jumps, push-ups, stretching, and saber training & our Princesses/Princes teach hellos/waves, bow/curtsy, how to hold a teacup, balancing a book, dancing etc.
Parachute Play (All characters) *Makes an excellent fort as well as a series of games.
Tug of war (Superheroes/Villains) *Good for high energy groups.
Crowning/Coronation Ceremony (Princesses/Princes) *Crown the royal guest!
Treasure Hunt (Pirates/fairytale characters) *This usually works on repeat.
Interactive Storytelling (All characters) *Hear/experience the journey of your favorite character through their Interactive Storytime (if guests are a bit shy it might be more of a typical storytime).
Sing-a-longs (All Fairytale style and singing characters such as Troll Princess). *These usually also turn into a dance.
Coloring Activity (All characters) *Themed coloring pages and crayons.
Simple Magic (Fairytale characters, galactic characters, elves, princesses/princes, faeries). *We have a few tricks including disappearing tricks, best for up close.
Christmas List (Holiday characters- Santa, elves and winter faeries) *We recommend sharing the full names of our special guests so our characters are ready!

We also have simple artistry activities available, in addition to the activities listed above. Please note that these are also based on which actor(s) or character(s) can perform them. Characters with masks or full body suits are typically not able to perform most simple artist activities without an assistant or other character present. 

Simple Artistry Activities 
*Glitter Tattoos - Recommended for Mythical, Magical, Superhero and Villain/Anti-Hero, Pop, Seasonal themed character(s).
*Nail Painting - Recommended for Mythical, Magical, Pop character(s).
*Simple Stencil Painting - Recommended for Mythical, Magical, Superhero and Villain/Anti-Hero themed character(s).
*Simple Balloon Twisting - Recommended for Mythical, magical, superhero and villain character(s).
*Hair Braiding - Recommended for Mythical, Magical, Pop themed character(s).

I had the Ice Queen at my party last year, will it be the same exact setup?
If you are a return client or have booked with a different company in the past,  please realize that no two visits will be the same. If you have any special expectations, please let us know. Clear communication with our office as well as our talent is the key to creating the best experience. 


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